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ORNG: Olivine Silicate
     “Why the heck does he need another Beelzebufo? This’ll be the fifteenth one this week. What the heck has the professor been doing to run through them so quickly?”
     She stopped muttering to herself and rested herself against one of the forest trees, putting her shield down next to her. She turned her attention to her scroll. It took only a few seconds for her call to connect.
     “Olivine? What is it, did you catch one already?” His voice reflected Olivine’s similar hope.
     She sighed, regretful, “No, its just…”
     “Well? ‘Just’ what? Could you hurry it up, I’m sort of in a compromising situation.”
     Olivine frowned. What did he mean by ‘a compromising situation’. It was obvious he’d stopped searching for the Beelzebufo a while ago, but what could he possibly be doing?
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Skullgirls OC: Blaine (Sketch/Concept)
My gosh, I'm horrible at this art style...I should work on that so I can properly get a picture of this guy. ...In digital too *sigh*

This is Blaine. Blaine is a ghost.

A couple decades ago, Blaine fell into an underground cave system beneath the city. While trying to find a way out, he came across an underground river. Spotting fish in the water, he figured he could swim to whatever exit the river came from. Unfortunately for Blaine, ancient parasites had been trapped in this river for centuries, hopping from animal to animal to survive, sensing Blaine, eight different parasites tried to forge a union with Blaine at once. Understandably, Blaine couldn't stand the stress from so many parasites and they all died together.
Now a ghost, Blaine searches for the Skullheart so that when he finds it, he can wait. He waits so that when the next to become Skullgirl arrives to claim their wish, he can beg them help him pass away. He's yet to successfully reach the Skullheart though...

A ghost with ghost parasites, the parasites trapped with him in their weird ghostly limbo are named Sanzu, Styx, Lethe, Phlegethon, Acheron, Vaitarna, Gjöll, and Cocytus.

Strangely, the only ghost-like thing about Blaine is that he can't die. This meaning that he can still be seen, touched, hurt, and knocked unconscious.
Torchar (Redesign)
Torchar (Fire/Ghost)  Evolves from Flickurt at Lv. 37
The Sufferance Pokémon

Ability: Flame Body/Cursed Body

Base: 490 HP: 60 Atk: 52 Def: 73 Sp. Atk: 138 Sp. Def: 65 Spe: 102

The flames around Torchar’s body constantly burn even if submerged in water. Because of this, a Torchar will never find relief from its unending pain.

Miserable in their constant fiery state, wild Torchar often seek out and envelop other pokémon to share in their suffering. However, due to the high temperatures of Torchar’s body, this embrace lasts for little more than 30 seconds before the other pokémon is in cinders.



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