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Gemsona: Tuff (Stable)
A stable fusion of my gemsonas Pumice and Scoria. Only a 'what if' situation though. They don't actually fuse at all in their current point in time.

Will do an unstable fusion later.
Pumice and Scoria taking a trip to some planet. Scoria originally learned to pilot from their pilot, then kicked her off the ship.

Character Page

Since I'm working on consistency, it bugs me that their gems are a little smaller and ovular than they usually, but that's what practice is for. I'll keep working on it.
Angie Chaplain
Angie's body is pulled at by some external force stronger than gravity, so she tends to live indoors and on ceilings.  If she concentrates hard enough she is able to walk on the ground normally.  Through years of research her father, Dr. Allen Chaplain, has discovered that what is pulling her upwards is an object roughly the size of a marble currently orbiting the planet's atmosphere.  He theorizes that it is likely a part of Angie herself.

Oh, the dark green cloud below Angie is a manifestation of her mother's powers as she seeks to bring Angie home and raise her into corruption.  Her mother is the Deep Sorceress Maesta, a wicked being originally from another world before No Universe was formed from the Old Worlds' fragments.  Let it be said that Angie's parents have a complicated relationship.

Added note; she tends to emit a dark green light when exposed to sunlight.  Also, she likes her hair hanging down with gravity, so she tends to spend at least some energy keeping it that way.
Gemsona: Pumice and Scoria
Pumice (Left) and Scoria (Right).  Rare gems who create and regulate atmosphere and air pressure of a new colony to allow for easy communication between gems.

The two shared a job working for Blue Diamond.  After the shattering of Pink Diamond, orders to colonize new planets no longer received the two of them had no work, and currently go sightseeing through space until they receive new orders.

Pumice is very timid, often being pulled along by the more rowdy Scoria. She dislikes being in enclosed spaces, so stops at planets are frequent.

Scoria loves to mess around, poking fun at Pumice's lack of confidence. Often disregarding Pumice's protests, she messes around where she clearly shouldn't. Her true agenda for pulling Pumice through space is to find somewhere for them to stay.
Pearl Commission
A commission for Reddit user niceghost23.  

Her owner is an Ametrine, a squad captain under Yellow Diamond's command.

I imagine this Pearl to be somewhat prideful of her owner's position and strength.  Maybe even a bit too proud.


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